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Commercial Garage Door Installation in Ada County, ID

Learn more about our commercial garage door services.

Commercial Manufacturers

Amarr doors offer a variety of styles:
• Maximum Energy Efficiency for the Industrial Opening
• Maximum Visibility. Maximum Style.
• Durability and Security
• The Economics of Durability

Northwest Door:
• Commercial/Industrial insulated steel garage doors are rugged and beautiful.
• Industrial steel garage doors are strong and are designed for applications such as warehouse buildings and other commercial or industrial buildings.

Wayne Dalton:
• We have a large selection of steel sectional garage doors that provide security, durability, and energy efficiency for your business.
• We have a wide array of rolling service doors, fire doors, and grilles to meet the demanding needs of your business.

Counter & Security Shutters

For durable, long-lasting security shutters call Action Garage Door. We offer a variety of models to fit virtually any building. Whether you need small counter shutters for lunchrooms, pharmacies, and hospitals or industrial openings for storage, warehouses, and commercial buildings, we have you covered! Our aluminum construction provides maximum strength to protect against unauthorized entry or theft. The accordion design provides proper airflow and visibility to allow as little or as much accessibility as needed. Our wide variety of wood grain powder finishes and an assortment of colors allows for a more customized look and professional feel. Choose from an assortment of products for the perfect match to any décor, from red oak wood to industrial aluminum we have the perfect fit. Call 208-466-1400 for a free estimate and start your remodel today.

Counter Shutters
• Red Oak Wood or Various Woods
• Anodized Aluminum
• Galvanized or Painted Steel
• Stainless Steel

Security Shutters
• Extruded Aluminum
• Wood Grain Powder Coat Finishes
• Standard Powder Coat Colors

In addition to garage door installation, we offer on-call garage door repair service and maintenance. If you notice a broken garage door spring or need a replacement part, we can help! We offer replacement springs, cables, pulleys, and garage door opener replacements. Call us today to schedule your repair or garage door maintenance.

Fire Garage Doors

If you need rolling fire doors that are durable and long-lasting, call the experts at Action Garage Door. We provide Fire-Rated commercial and industrial rolling fire doors ranging from 9-36ft wide and 4-28ft tall. Our commercial-grade fire doors are factory tested and designed to withstand a minimum use of 20,000 cycles before approved. For fire and safety protection, select models offer an auto-reset feature to drop-test and reset at any time. This enables any authorized personnel to perform a standard auto-reset throughout the year to enhance safety in the event of a fire or emergency. This mechanism is designed to reduce or eliminate any downtime and provides a smooth operation. For safety specs and door, measurements visit the site links below or call us at 208-466-1400. We offer rolling fire door installation and, for lasting quality, we offer garage door repair and maintenance services.

Design Options:
• Insulated/Non-Insulated
• Insulated Tempered
• Plexiglass
• Wire Glass
• DSB Glass
• Polycarbonate
• Custom Options available upon request

Door Options & Accessories
• Fire Door Release System
• Smoke Detectors
• Horns & Strobes
• Chain Hoist, Crank, or Motor Operation

Garage Door Repair

Having a broken garage door can be a frustrating matter and can become a great inconvenience. We understand that time is everything and dealing with a broken garage door can take time you don’t have. Here at Action Garage Door, we provide broken garage door service and repair in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, and throughout the Treasure Valley. We replace broken garage door springs, cables, worn-out pulleys, and garage door sensors, and service all makes and models of openers and accessories. We will honor manufacturer warranties for products purchased through us by Wayne Dalton, Amarr, Northwest, and Clopay. Check manufacturer warranties for complete coverage details. We will fix your garage door quickly and without hassle. For pricing and information call us today at 208-466-1400.

• Garage Door Spring Repair
• Garage Door Spring Replacement
• Dent Recovery
• 20 pt. Inspection
• Off-Track Garage Doors
• Noisy or Squeaky Garage Doors
• Broken Garage Door Rollers or Cables
• New Installation
• Garage Door Maintenance

Insulated Garage Doors

For any business, the quality of your door can play a major role in the building’s thermal efficiency. Garage doors are often a main entrance to commercial buildings, therefore, it is vital that it be weather resistant and block out any excess airflow. We carry a broad selection of commercial insulated overhead doors from Wayne Dalton, Amarr, Northwest, and Clopay each equipped with thermal efficiency and advanced heat resistance. Our insulation (R-Values*) range from 1-26 and up to 3” thick, providing as little or as much weather resistance as needed. Our high-quality products use polyurethane and polystyrene in both the glass and railings to block out wind and provide heat resistance. For overall thermal efficiency, we provide weather seal strips to block out incoming drafts and reduce airflow. Click on the links below to see full specs and measurements, or call us at 208-466-1400 to get a free quote today.

Polyurethane Insulation
• Bonds to Steel
• Greater Strength
• Dent Resistance
• Improved Thermal Protection
• Durability

Non-Insulated Garage Doors

Action Garage Door offers quality non-insulated garage doors in Nampa, Idaho. Our top of the line products such as galvanized steel and heavy-duty construction allows us to provide garage doors that work for you. Our galvanized steel doors offer high impact resistance and industrial strength with steel gauges ranging from 16-24, and our heavy-duty construction is built to withstand intense weather conditions and laborious tasks. We offer different styles of doors such as vision lights for visibility and security, aluminum full-view sections for natural light, and also ribbed design to help increase strength as well as visual appearance. We offer high-quality products from Wayne Dalton, Amarr, Northwest, and Clopay to provide a variety of choices to fit every customer. For more information, call us at 208-461-1400 and get a free quote today.

Benefits & Features
• Heavy Duty Gauges from 16-24
• Built to Withstand Extreme Weather Conditions
• Durable and Lasting
• Variety of Door Styles for Visibility and Security
• High Impact Resistance
• Industrial Strength
• Optional Polystyrene Insulation

Roll Up Steel Doors

For strong, reliable roll-up sheet doors in Nampa, call Action Garage Door. We offer strong 26-gauge steel sheet doors, ranging from 12-20ft wide and 6-16ft high. We offer innovative designs that provide durable, long-lasting quality along with fast installation and smooth operation. The galvanized steel curtain provides strength and maximizes wind load performance, and the quick-connect bottom bar stops allow easy curtain insertion and help minimize fasteners. Each door comes equipped with a curtain lock, 2-bolt double shackle lock, or cylinder lock enabling extra security and maximum strength. It’s our policy to provide heavy-duty, long-lasting roll-up sheet doors with the efficiency and security our customers can trust. For more information or for a free quote, call us at 208-466-1400 and start your installation today.

Benefits & Features
• 26-gauge Steel
• Multi-lock options: Curtain Lock, 2-bolt Double Shackle lock, Cylinder Lock
• Motor or Chain Operated
• Quick-connect Bottom Bar Stops
• Fast and Easy Installation
• Strong & Smooth Operation

Security Grilles

Action Garage Door offers the best Advanced Security Grilles in Boise, Idaho. Each security Grille offers a broad range of security features and benefits. Choose from Steel, Aluminum, and stainless steel to pick the perfect Security Grille for your business. Each model is equipped with heavy-duty galvanized steel and operated with Electronic VFD* controllers with microprocessors. This assures each door has efficiently controlled motor speed and torque to provide a smooth handling process on increased loads. Each Grille offers advanced security features such as auto-reverse, self-monitoring fail-safe, standard drop-stop, motion detectors, and direct drive gearbox and motors. We offer the best in technology, security, and safety. For more information or for a free quote, call us today at 208-466-1400.

Features & Benefits
• Self-monitoring Fail-Safe
• Photoelectric Sensors for Auto-reverse
• Drop-Stop for Easy Handling
• Springless Barrel Designs for Durability
• Heavy Duty Galvanized Steel
• Motion Detectors
• Electronic VFD* Controllers for Easy Handling on Increased Loads
• Max Width: 42’ft
• Max Height 20’ft (Sizes vary depending on model)

Service Garage Doors

If you’re looking for a high traffic service garage door but need lasting durability, call Action Garage Door. We offer flat insulated/noninsulated slat profile with a variety of gauges. Each model door offers electronic VFD* controllers with microprocessors for a smooth, easy operation and hoist chain or crank for manual operation. Our heavy-duty service doors offer linear actuators such as loop detectors, radio control, motion detectors, and other benefiting features. These features help to provide a quiet and simple operation, without the worry of malfunction due to normal wear and tear. For finishes to match any building we offer a variety of hardened powder coats such as gray, white, beige, or brown and an assortment of custom colors available upon request. Call us at 208-461-1400 to discuss your service door installation today!

Benefits & Features
• Chain Hoist, Crank, or Motor Operation
• Anti-Drop Devices
• Pass Door or Thru-Wall Operation
• Galvanized Steel Guides
• Exterior Wear Strip
• Heavy Duty Wall-Mounting Brackets
• Steel, Aluminum or Stainless Steel Material
• Wind Load Options
• Standard Powder Coat Finishes & Custom Colors Available